Crafting in No Man’s Sky is similar to Don’t Starve

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I adored Don’t Starve when it first came out – it was such fun to explore the world, collect all the things and craft everything I needed to survive. But, I eventually got tired of dying all the time. I then sorta fell in love with Crashlands – which has a similar vibe but less extreme consequences and more storyline. I already assumed No Man’s Sky would become my ultimate zen game, but hearing more about crafting gives me even more reason to be excited for it.

IGN is currently celebrating a month of exclusive content about No Man’s Sky, their latest of which focuses on crafting. Here, Sean Murray explains how crafting works in the game.

For those who don’t watch videos, Murray explains that there are three main things you’ll need to upgrade in No Man’s Sky – your gun, your suit and your ship. You can get different types of each of those, which will have different layouts for slots. Those slots can be used for upgrades or for storage. So, if you’re looking to do tons of trading, you might find yourself opting to primarily focus on storage rather than upgrades. However, I think I’ll be going as light as possible so that my equipment can be totally upgraded, allowing me to explore more planets and engage with my environment in more advanced ways.

So how do you craft the upgrades or even find the elements that you need in such a massive universe? Well, apparently there are rules to the universe. If you’re looking for silicon, you’ll probably find in on planets that are a similar distance from the sun in that system. This can also inform of possible toxicity or climate of the planet.

While it looks quite simple in the video, I have a feeling this will be a ridiculous rabbit hole. The fact that the way you slot your upgrades into your weapon or suit can add bonus upgrades means I’ll not only be crafting upgrades but then tinkering with their placement for ages. That’s before I spend hours running around planets, charting the worlds and discovering the wild life. No Man’s Sky is going to be the ultimate time sink… I can’t wait.

Last Updated: April 18, 2016

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