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Critical Hit Game Awards 2020 – Best strategy game

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It has been a terrific year for strategy games, as the gaming industry has buckled down on interactive experiences where you have to use that lump of grey matter that pilots the meat machine you call a body. From retro revivals to brand new stabs at tactical action that allow for more mainstream appeal, being able to outthink your opponents has never been more enjoyable no matter which platform you’re playing on.

Only one game could claim the top spot though, having maneuvered itself into position and unleashing a blitzkrieg of strategic excellence that secured victory for itself on the grand genre stage. Before we get to that game, here’s a few honourable mentions:

Gears Tactics

RTS 2020 GOTY (5)

Crusader Kings III

RTS 2020 GOTY (2)

Command & Conquer Remastered

RTS 2020 GOTY (1)


RTS 2020 GOTY (4)

And the winner is…Desperados III

RTS 2020 GOTY (3)

Developer Mimimi Games’ Wild West experience is a masterpiece in the “just one more turn” department. It’s a thrilling high noon showcase that not only looks great, but is wrapped in layers of intrigue and opportunity that makes the most of its cast and gives you a fascinating sandbox to explore. Ot’s a game that you can pour hours into, savouring every detail and preparing the perfect plan to move a step closer to its thrilling finale.

Like any great strategy game, Desperados III relies on the perfect moment to grab your attention. It is careful planning and observation, perfect timing, and an awareness of the world around you as everything collides together to form that one incredible plan and execute it before all hell breaks loose. A cunning entry in the real-time strategy genre, Desperados III slaps leather and fills it hand with enough cerebral iron to earn itself a place as one of the best games of the year.

Last Updated: December 1, 2020


  1. So glad that D3 is THAT good. Loved playing these games all those years ago.


  2. Chris

    December 1, 2020 at 20:49

    Love the end of year awards!


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