Cross platform gameplay between the Wii and DS for Guitar Hero

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Sony were the first in this generation to start cross platform gameplay between the PS3 and PSP however I don’t know of any games that allow simultaneous gameplay between the two so this may well be a first.

In the upcoming Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock for the Wii and NDS you are going to be able to play 4 player co-op between the Wii and 2 NDS’s where the player on the DS will be able to achieve power ups for the lead Wii player to use against their opponent.

It’s not something that I can honestly see myself ever doing but the idea is a good starting point and hopefully someone takes this idea and runs with it some more.

What Wii games could benefit from DS co-op? I’m thinking maybe a family quiz show where the hot seat is the person with the DS?

The Guitar Hero video is below with full explanation by David Nathanielsz.

Last Updated: September 16, 2010

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