Crysis on consoles, launch trailer

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No the headline isn’t spelt wrong and we’re not having a crisis on consoles. This is actually the critically acclaimed first person shooter from EA, Crysis, that has been re-mastered and is now available to download on consoles (from certain countries).

What’s incredible about this is not that consoles are now getting an old game to play but that when Crysis was first launched it needed 20 super computers strapped together to run it and the reason it wasn’t on consoles is that they just weren’t powerful enough.

And now 3 years later the CryTek engine has been refined so well that they’ve managed to get Crysis to run perfectly well on the same console hardware that wasn’t capable of running it a few years back.

That’s a technical feat worth applauding and is a timely reminder that software trumps hardware pretty much all the time.

Last Updated: October 5, 2011

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