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Crysis Remastered for PC,PS4, Xbox One and Switch leaks

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Earlier this week, it looked like CryTek was up to something with the Crysis brand. The Twitter account for that legendary game was reactivated, fans began gossiping and I’ve already had one buzz-kill commenter cast doubt on my authenticity of having ever played the game because I referred to it as an action romp of mondo fun times. The Internet!

So just what was CryTek planning? Thanks to a new leak, a full-on remaster of the original game that set many a PC back on fire back in the day and gave rise to the benchmark in graphical memes about almighty rigs being properly equipped with the hardware necessary to run that beast of a game at its most maximum of settings.

Lashman on Twitter discovered info for Crysis Remastered in the Crysis website metadata. All the kudos and highest of fives to that chap:

There’s no information on the release date yet, but at least we’ve got an answer to an age-old question at long last: Can the Nintendo Switch run Crysis? Hell yes it can! Although I’m sensing we’re going to see a repeat of 2007 when those new ray-tracing effects burn their way through all the PCs attempting to run this remaster at full blast.

So, I have to ask: Can your PC run Crysis Remastered?

Last Updated: April 16, 2020

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