Crytek requires Crysis 2 to get at least a 90% review average

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Crytek Executive Producer, Nathan Camarillo has told CVG that he feels that Crysis 2 will have to break the 90% review average to have any impact on the gaming landscape as it lies today.

According to Nathan the FPS genre is so competitive at the moment that any fluffing and anything under 90% will pretty much doom your title to obscurity, he does feel that all other genres are suffering the same effect at the moment and that the games chances of success lie partially in the hands of the reviewers who he hopes will be kind to Crysis 2.

It’s a scary thought when so much is being placed on the shoulders of critics and reviewers now days and you can see the temptation that exists in bribing some reviewers or forcing bad reviews to be delayed.

Hopefully the game is awesome and we don’t get to see another Kane and Lynch fiasco, where reviewers get fired for bad scores, when Crysis 2 is launched later this year.

Personally I am worried they shoved to much energy into enabling 3D on the title which very few people will actually use but without some hands on time with the game it’s all pure conjecture at this time.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: January 17, 2011

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