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Dance Central Disney Fantasia announced

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Yes being the original Lazygamer dance professional it falls to me to talk about the brand new Dance Central Disney Fantasia that was just announced.

It’s coming on the 21st of October and is called Dance Central Disney Fantasia… that’s all we got so I’m not sure what else to say to be perfectly honest.

The little cameo we say felt and looked awkward and I don’t blame them really. Trying to push a dancing game in front of millions of hardcore gamers is a little ridiculous.

But at the same time these games are incredibly fun and if you have kids then are perfect family games and if you don’t have kids then grab a bottle of tequila and some of your sexiest friends and experience some of the most entertaining gaming you will ever enjoy.

Dance Central has now been played over 200 million times and that’s likely resulted in around 190 million cases of laughter and fun. So be as cynical as you want, I’m personally looking forward to a new version.

But if you aren’t ready to step up, get it, to a new generation then don’t fear. A new Dance Central Spotlight will be released digitally in September for all the current dancers out there so no one will need to go to sleep with any self respect left.

Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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  1. Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    June 9, 2014 at 22:23

    Poor Kinect! RIP 09/06/2014


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