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Dark Souls 3 combined with Ring Fit Adventure looks like a hell of a workout

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I may not be able to go work up a good sweat at gym like I want to for most of April, but until then I’m finding plenty of love for Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch. A hotter commodity than three-ply toilet paper in the lockdown black market, Ring Fit Adventure will have busting up a sweat in no time as you dance like a pinhead on the spot and burn some calories along the way. It’s a hard game, in the best way possible. And it’s about to get even harder.

For as long as people have realised that Quake 3 Arena is more fun to play with a steering wheel and pedal setup, modders have been looking for unusual peripherals with which to play the most challenging games. Dark Souls is usually the flavour of choice for these experiments, with savvy technicians rejiggering everything from Guitar Hero instruments to Dance Dance Revolution mats to add an extra layer of challenge to From Software’s final Dark Souls masterpiece.

Modder and Reddit user SuperLouis64 went an extra step (Cheers, PC GamesN), modding his Ring Fit Adventure kit into the tools of the Dark Souls 3 trade. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as SuperLouis64’s experiment relies on nothing but pure physical exertion with which to move, dodge and attack the fearsome foes of Dark Souls:

It may sound impossible to play Dark Souls with Ring Fit Adventure gear, but SuperLouis64 somehow manages to do the impossible and take down the likes of Ludex Gundyr and Dancer of the Boreal Valley using nothing but sweat and perseverance. That’s amazing stuff to see in action. By the time he’s done playing Dark Souls, he’s going to have the body of a Greek god of legend. Or broken Ring Fit Adventure hardware when facing one of the more frustrating Dark Souls 3 bosses.

Last Updated: April 7, 2020

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  1. And here I am slogging through my playthrough with a regular controller…
    Not even halfway yet. But getting there!
    I took a long enough break from it that I can’t really remember all that much about it.


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