Dark Souls 3 gameplay shows off Bloodborne’s quick dodge return

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Dark souls 3 GC

Dark Souls was already a niche and popular franchise before Bloodborne, but Bloodborne changed the game, adding faster combat and the all important quick dodge. That will definitely be a key part of the new Dark Souls game, as evidenced in the all new gameplay revealed at Gamescom.

There are hints that we might be seeing the flame scepter in the game, but more than that is the all new gameplay which is much faster than anything we’ve seen in any previous Dark Souls game. Interestingly, players are still wielding shields, although they are also dodging. I’m curious to see how the mechanics are blended to allow players to engage with their own unique play style.

I’m so amped to see how the gameplay evolves, as well as the lore. Could this be the conclusion of the Dark Souls franchise, or is it all just getting started?

Last Updated: August 4, 2015

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