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Dark Souls 3 looks a lot more fun when you add automatic assault rifles to it

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I’m not a fan of Dark Souls. It’s depressing, it’s niche content and it also happens to be harder than a week-old French loaf that has Adamantium filings sprinkled on top of it. That’s not to say that I’m completely disinterested in the From Software franchise, as I do believe that a decent PC mod could make the games more palatable.

A mod that would allow me to reload with righteous flame-seeking intent for example, because who needs a sword when you can charge into battle with the full power of AMERICA at your side? One such beautiful modder has done just that in Dark Souls 3, with a fantastically crafted arsenal of assault rifles that’ll allow you to run rampant throughout the game and bathe in the salty tears of players who spent countless hours mastering the sword while you were partying.

Designed by modder Asasasasasbc, you’ll be able to swap those flimsy ranged weapons for poetic projectile perforation power. Here’s what it looks like in action:

But wait, it gets even better! According to PC Gamer, every weapon (minus the sniper rifle) has an alternate firing mode, with each gun also having certain costs to stamina, accuracy and damage influenced by using them in one or two-handed mode. Each gun has a banger selection of sound effects to drive home their authenticity, their visuals coming courtesy of DeviantArt user Adngel. Here’s the full list of weapons that you can find in the download for this mod:

  • Light crossbow: Vector SBR
  • Heavy crossbow: AK-47
  • Knight crossbow: M16
  • Repeating crossbow: Thompson SMG
  • Sniper crossbow: Sniper rifle
  • Avelyn: MP5
  • Arbalest: Shotgun

The best part of this entire upgrade? Rocking up to the Thorm the Giant fight and telling him to say hello to your little friend. We’ve barely begun to scratch the potential of Dark Souls 3 with mods such as this.

Last Updated: July 7, 2020

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