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Dark Souls 3 – Starting character class guide

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Look, I get it. You like danger. You like unknown threats. You like to face digital monsters that would eat Godzilla for breakfast if they ever managed to escape from your 32 inch flatscreen TV. In other words, you really do likey the Dark Souls 3. Bandai Namco and From Software’s signature digital dungeon returns this month, ready for one final stab at sun-praising antics.

But which class is best? Do you go for the stock standard Knight? Dual-wielding Mercenary? Devout Cleric? The Pyromancer who finds the numerous flames that he spawns to be just so…pretty? Hell if I know, as that choice is up to you. But at least you can get a headstart on planning your character build in Dark Souls 3, with this handy guide to old favourite classes and the new Assassin and Herald characters.



An obscure knight of poor renown who collapsed roaming the land. Sturdy, owing to high vitality and stout armour.

Starting Equipment:

  • Longsword
  • Shield Knight Helm
  • Knight Armour
  • Knight Gauntlets
  • Knight Leggings



A mercenary and veteran of the battlefield. High dexterity allows masterful wielding of dual scimitars.

Starting Equipment:

  • Legion Scimitars



Descendant of northern warriors famed for their brawn. Utilizes high strength to wield a heavy battle axe.

Starting Equipment:

  • Battle axe
  • Small shield



A former herald who journeyed to finish a quest undertaken. Wields a sturdy spear and employs a gentle restorative miracle.

Starting Equipment:

  • Spear
  • Guardian shield
  • Talisman



A common thief and pitiful deserter. Wields a dagger intended for backstabs alongside a military-issue bow.

Starting Equipment:

  • Bandit knife
  • Small shield
  • Short bow



An assassin who stalks their prey from the shadows. Favours sorceries in addition to thrusting swords.

Starting Equipment:

  • Estoc
  • Target shield
  • Sorcerer’s staff
  • Spook
  • Assassin Armour



A loner who left formal academia to pursue further research. Commands soul sorceries using high intelligence.”

Starting Equipment:

  • Dagger
  • Sorcerer’s Staff
  • Small leather shield
  • Ring
  • Soul Arrow
  • Heavy Soul Arrow
  • Estus Flask
  • Darksign
  • Black Separation Crystal
  • Way of White Circlet



A pyromancer from a remote region who manipulates flame. Also an adept close combat warrior who wields a hand axe.

Starting Equipment:

  • Hand axe
  • Small shield
  • Pyromancy Flame
  • Pyromancer Set
  • Estus Flask
  • Darksign
  • Black Separation Crystal
  • Way of White Circlet



A traveling cleric who collapsed from exhaustion. Channels high faith to cast many and varied miracles.

Starting Equipment:

  • Mace
  • Talisman
  • Far East shield
  • Cleric Set
  • Heal Miracle
  • Force Miracle
  • Estus Flask
  • Darksign
  • Black Separation Crystal
  • Way of White Circlet



Naked and of unknown origin. Either an unimaginable fool in life, or was stripped of possessions upon burial.

Starting Equipment:

  • Club
  • Wooden Shield
  • Estus Flask
  • Darksign
  • Black Separation Crystal
  • Way of White Circlet

And here’s the various class stats compare across strength, dexterity, vigor, attack, intelligence, endurance, faith, luck and vitality. Thanks Dark Souls wiki. Click to embiggen:


Dark Souls 3 is out on March 24 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.





Last Updated: March 3, 2016

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