Dark Souls 3 stress test reveals more about game mechanics and lore

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Dark Souls 3

Apparently the Dark Souls 3 stress test was a bit, um, stressful. The actual thing being tested needed the test period obviously, because some players struggled to get multiplayer elements to work. However, the build of the game revealed a whole bunch of new features that may or may not make it in to the final game (but probably will) and shed some new light on just how much of the game borrows from Bloodborne as compared to the legacy of Dark Souls traditional gameplay.

We weren’t invited to the Dark Souls 3 stress test, but that doesn’t mean we can’t glean anything from the range of observations made by people who were. First up, I’m intrigued by the new lore references as discussed over on Reddit. In the original Souls games, the player was something of a hapless victim, seeking to overcome the curse of becoming hollow and fights were necessary challenges to overcome to survive. Meanwhile, in Bloodborne, players took on the more active role of Hunter, with more flourish-filled animations that implied the characters were trained fighters. Dark Souls 3 seems to be taking on that approach, with players taking on the role of hero/anti-hero seeking to become the Lord of Cinder. In fact, there are hints that the character in Dark Souls 3 might actually be the main character of Dark Souls.

there’s also the fact that some of those praying hollows always kneel on their hands and knees in a cowering fashion when you pass close to them like they fear you, suggesting that our character might be a Lord or maybe even the king of Lothric since it’s our starting area, and we apparently make our way out of it.

Interesting stuff to consider. As for the actual gameplay mechanics, there has been a ton of discussion about the Weapon Arts system. Each ability has a cool down, but it isn’t visible to the player. However, this makes it so that chaining doesn’t work, regardless of how much mana the player has. This means that you can use them as openers or finishers, but not so much in the middle of combat.

The game is looking massive and gorgeous, but I’m still waiting to see the final release as compared to the builds that they show off for press events and stress tests. We know that they can still change a lot (lighting, mechanics, enemy placements, etc) before the game launches next year, and I will reserve judgement until we see it in its final form.

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

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