Dark Souls III has some massive, nasty bosses waiting for you in Lothric

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Dark Souls III intro cinematic

I recently managed to sit through and finish my very first From Software title with Bloodborne (self high-five) and it’s got me on a bit of a high for possibly the last Dark Souls entry. Sure I’ve tried both of the previous titles (including the one that started it all, Demon Souls), but I’ve never managed to train myself enough to actually make it through them.

I hoped that would change with Dark Souls III’s updated combat, but these new bosses have me reconsidering the challenge. Because all of them look like they’ll take immense pleasure in slurping up my tears after defeat.

Dark Souls is a series that prides itself on grotesque, imaginative and otherwise massive foes for you to tackle as some of the series’ biggest challenges, and Dark Souls III looks no different. Because why would it be. We’ve got a regal looking faceless knight with a cleaver that a butcher would drool over, a monster that looks like it was made of shape-shifting tar and an army of sword wielders that remind me of the Shadows of Yarnham.

So yeah, Dark Souls III looks tough.

Of course there’s a lot of lore for major fans of the franchise to look forward to as well, with more secrets of Lothric just waiting to be uncovered and interpreted in April. Dark Souls actually has an intriguing narrative to it for those who look, and features some incredibly fascinating themes – no matter how obscure. Game Director Hideka Miyazaki might move on top new ideas after Dark Souls III, so you’ll be sure he’ll be trying his best to go out with a bang.

Yes, yes indeed.

Last Updated: February 9, 2016

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