Darkness II delayed to next year

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2K Games has announced that its Digital Extremes developed sequel to supernatural Mafia murder simulator The Darkness II will be delayed until February next year, skipping its original October 7th release date.

Despite the game looking like it’s pretty far along and rather polished, it won’t meet its original launch schedule. That’s probably a good thing, because now it won’t be competing with the likes of Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3, RAGE, Arkham City and to a less extent, Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim. As of now, the only game it’ll really be competing with when it does launch in February next year is Inversion, the topsy-turvy gravity defying third person actioner from Namco Bandai.

It’ll likely be joined by a host of other games whose publishers realise that their games will drown in a sea of heavy-hitters over the same period. Though I’m really looking forward to The Darkness II, I don’t mind the delay. It might give me some time to work through the deluge of great games we’ll be getting over the holiday period.

The first game, by Riddick developer Starbreeze was a flawed, but terribly underappreciated gem that oozed atmosphere and told a gripping, compelling story. Read our E3 preview of the sequel here.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2011

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