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Darksiders II: Death is our salvation

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THQ has been going through some seriously tough times this year with their stock price dropping to an incredibly low $4.94 at the time of writing giving them a market cap of $33 million, so when we say Darksiders II is a possible life saver for them we really mean it.

If Darksiders flops they don’t have any cushion to fall back on and we could see THQ disappear faster than a tray of cupcakes at a weight watchers meeting.

The original Darksiders was a very well received title and there is a lot of excitement building for Darksiders II which is being released in two weeks time but at the same time I’m very worried about its prospects.

This latest TV trailer is awesome in itself but we’re still not seeing any gameplay and with two weeks to go they’ve hardly starting promoting the title that will be released right in the middle of Gamescom when all the bigger publishers are going to be flooding the media outlets with big news.

This could be a major problem for Darksiders II as it could easily get lost in the flood.

Last Updated: August 3, 2012

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