Darksiders III officially revealed with debut trailer

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Following the Amazon leak earlier yesterday, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have officially revealed Darksiders III – a game that really shouldn’t, but somehow miraculously still, exists. The debut trailer for the game introduced the third horseman of the series, with sister Fury taking the spotlight in this open-world sequel. As the leak suggested, she’s going to be brandishing a magical whip as her main weapon, which she puts to great use in the trailer above.

Fury will work her way down from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell, with the Charred Council (the three beings that control the balance between angels, demons and the humans in-between) task her with hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins. Fury takes up the challenge, determined to prove herself as the most powerful of the four horseman while her brother War remains chained up by the very same council. Whether this means this takes place again between the events of the prologue and main story of the first title isn’t clear, but it certainly seems that way.

Gunfire Games isn’t exactly a household name, but for Darksiders III there isn’t any better team on the case. The new studio comprises of developers who worked on both the original and its more RPG focused sequel. People who understand what made those games tick, allowing them to bring their expertise to this new open-world sequel. Fury will be able to move freely around the world in open-ended fashion, but it’s not clear yet if the game will continue to adopt Legend of Zelda-like content gating.

It’s all really exciting stuff for a franchise that looked dead in the water following the THQ meltdown, so I’m anxious to see some gameplay as Gunfire Games aims to have this third entry into the series out sometime next year.

Last Updated: May 3, 2017

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