David Cage claims Microsoft were lying about Natal

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Quantic Dream’s co-founder and co-CEO David Cage has been chatting to Destructoid about the upcoming PlayStation Move and Project Natal but his most interesting comments come out when he talks about Microsoft’s E3 trailer from last year.

Remember the one with the kid who scans in his own skateboard and then rides it down the road in the game?

Well according to Mr Cage that is flat out lying, the technology isn’t anywhere near that level yet and he feels Microsoft shouldn’t be tricking people into getting overly excited about the Natal.

Personally I can’t understand how that part could really be that difficult, surely it’s just going to take a picture of the board and apply that image as a skin to the board in the game?

Obviously Mr Cage knows way more than I do about the gaming industry but if that’s the part that he thought was over the top then I guess it means the rest of the things we saw are possible? I personally cannot wait for the Minority Report styled dashboard.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: April 6, 2010

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