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David Cage went crazy for Ellen Page

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ShrineBeyond:Two Souls sounds like it could be really amazing. Or not. Could just be hype, or could be up there with The Last of Us as game of the console. But David Cage had some bad writer’s block when getting started, until he found Ellen Page.

According to the creepiest explanation of creative process I’ve heard in a while, David Cage told Kotaku that he didn’t know how to write the script for the game until he came upon a picture of Ellen Page. This later resulted in 12 months of work, 2000 pages of script and a studio scattered with images of Ellen from age 8 through adulthood. I’ve seen that on an episode of Criminal Minds, I’m sure.

Cage began writing and the words came easily. Then later, another scene. A new perspective was required. David Cage needed something different and began a fresh image search. Another set of keywords, another ‘click’.

Another picture of Ellen Page.

“Again, it was exactly what I was looking for.”

I suppose she was his muse, and who wouldn’t be inspired by this picture?

Ellen page

Look, everyone is entitled to their own creative process, and I’m glad it worked out for David Cage. It’s just a good thing that his game was made and he didn’t end up like some weird version of Robert DeNiro from Taxi Driver. Still creepy.

Last Updated: October 4, 2013

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