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David Jaffe loses it again but not at us this time

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I like David Jaffe mainly because he constantly lets us know that he’s a part of the industry, he doesn’t sit on his golden Molyneux throne and throw down snippets to the poor but rather gets all in and interacts and attacks the community directly.

This time however he’s decided to attack Game Revolution for misrepresenting him and at first I agreed with him but after reading both sides I think he’s over reacting a little here.

First up Game Revolution wrote a post with the headline “David Jaffe calls for Uncharted to add some sandbox elements”, this was because during an interview with Edge magazine Jaffe stated

“I’d be curious as to what the experience would be like if it opened up a little bit. I think it would be an interesting experiment to find out if they could retain the wonderful flavour of that series while still giving the player a little bit more leash to run on

David as usual responded via twitter stating

@Game_Revolution You guys suck at your jobs. I never EVER ‘called’ for anything of the sort. Please re-read the article from EDGE that you are ripping off-with zero payment to EDGE, I am sure- in order to generate your ‘content’. Damn, if you are not even gonna do your own reporting, at least make sure you are ‘reporting’ accurately on the shit that you steal.

So again it’s a headline that gets David uptight with the actual article discussing the merits of David’s idea and not once making it sound like David disliked what Naughty Dog did with the game.

I think the problem with these developers who live on Twitter is that they see the headline being tweeted and a red mist descends onto them and they can no longer read the article that backs up the headline.

On a secondary note, I like the fact that David tells them they are stealing content and not paying for it and that they should do proper reporting instead but when a smaller site like us or Game Revolution asks for interview we generally get ignored, we don’t even get told no we just get treated like an annoying bug and ignored.

So Jaffe if you want everyone to be better at reporting how about giving up some of your time to give the smaller guys a go?

Oh and while I’m here, game developer groupies who jump on the bandwagon and start insulting the publications and copying the developer into their tweet are possibly the lowest of the low. Have some pride in yourself people, do you really think the developer is going to be your friend just because you jumped on his bandwagon? There’s more chance he’s going to turn around and throw you off next.

Last Updated: March 15, 2012

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