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Days Gone launches on PC on 18 May

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Days Gone was a pretty alright game. Sure, some of the writing was… less than stellar and the actual structure of the game was fairly uninspired and derivative but folks that played it seemed to really enjoy beyond those gripes! Very soon players on PC will be able to give the once PS4 exclusive a go as a new trailer not only highlights the enhancements the PC port is bringing to the game but also finally revealed a release date: 18 May, 2021. This is right around the corner for anyone who’s desperate to see what one of the most 7/10 games of 2019 played like.

As for those enhancements, they’re fairly typical for a PC port but will no doubt make fans of the game (and anyone running a high-end PC) rather happy. This version will support 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support, an unlocked frame-rate and Freaker hordes (that’s just the game’s fun name for zombies) much larger than anything the PS4 could handle. The trailer specifies that you could encounter hordes of up to 500 Freakers which sounds fairly impressive, if I’m honest. Draw distance has also been boosted and the photo mode now has a “super resolution mode” too, according to Sony.


Back when Alessandro reviewed Days Gone in 2019, he was rather unimpressed by it, giving it a 6.5 and writing, “Days Gone has moments where it reveals its brilliance, but they’re buried under a litany of uninteresting and repetitive missions and numerous technical issues.” Let’s hope the PC version of the game fairs a little better.

Last Updated: April 16, 2021

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