DayZ standalone game will have new content every week

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With DayZ going solo and moving away from the modding scene, brand new opportunities are opening up for the cult zombie apocalypse survival game. Content is one such market that is ripe for exploration, and possibly exploitation. Although in the case of this standalone, it might be a more substantial enhancement to the game that’ll have more free than paid-for content. Every week apparently.

Writing on the DayZ dev blog via Blue’s News, project lead Dean Hall said that a new inventory and attachment system had resulted in every single in-game weapon being  rebuilt “from scratch at extremely high detail”. “This means that on release there will be fewer weapons in the standalone – but it allows us the ability to continue each week to release content updates with new weapons and items,” Hall said.

Hall also mentioned that the DayZ team was “planning hundreds and hundreds of clothing varieties” with new fashion sets being planned for release every week. As for food and drink items, Hall said that launch day would see a “reasonably small functional set” available to players, but that that list could expand into something “huge”. As for maps and more cash-based extra content, that’s still in the early days according to Hall.

We are starting our planning process for this, but we don’t have any idea how we would monetize it. There are issues with the DLC model we would want to avoid. We’re hoping we will be so successful in sales, that we can just release as a free content update.

Moving on, Hall said that DayZ would also have private server support, but that private hives would not be available at launch. That’s something about bees right? I’m not that technical, so I’m just imagining a gamer being stung by thousands of bees. Why would you want that? Crazy man, crazy. DayZ the standalone game is out sometime next year, and will have players surviving the living impaired in a world where realism and resource gathering takes precedence over blasting away at the living impaired.

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Last Updated: February 18, 2013

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