Dead or Alive Dimensions has more than just fighting

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For years now, Team ninja, the developers of Dead or Alive have pretended that games in the series are actual fighting games, and not just excuses for teenage boys to looks at virtual boobs jiggling with moon physics.

Like that demonstrated in the shameless, ridiculous beach resort simulator spin-off, Dead or Alive Paradise, the new Dead or Alive dimensions for the 3DS has a “figure mode.” What’s that?

With it, you’ll be able to collect over 1000 figures in a variety of poses and outfits and model them on virtual backgrounds. You can then take 3d snapshots of your collected figure and view it later at your discretion. You can also totally zoom in on the boobs. In 3D!

Dead or Alive dimensions will be available in Japan on March 24, with a US and European release to follow.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: February 11, 2011

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