Dead or Alive Extreme 3 skirts the boundaries of good taste

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I’m starting to think that Japanese game developers lie in a Vacuum. If not a vacuum, then a rather large balloon. While the western world is rightly keen to tackle issues of social justice in games, and not portray women as mindless ditzes who exist solely as fap-fodder for teenage boys, the same can’t be said of Japanese game developers.

Of course, the biggest one in the media lately has been Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet – who wears barely anything. The game tries to explain why she’s skimpily dressed, eventually, but honestly, it’s a terrible excuse for overt sexuality where none is needed.

Street Fighter V, A game I’m looking very forward to, has women characters with breasts bigger than their heads. None quite take the cake like Dead or Alive, and especially Dead Or Alive Extreme. That game’s getting its third iteration, coming soon to the PlayStation 4. And I can’t really believe stuff like this is still being made in 2015.

It’s an excuse to ogle digital women playing volleyball on a beach, with a camera mode that allows you to take pictures of said women in silly poses. It’s also got a suntanning mode, because why not. Here’s what it looks like.

Right now, it’s exclusive to Japan, and I’m okay with that.

Last Updated: October 15, 2015