Dead Space 2’s marketing campaign-Your mom hates this

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EA have been known to try some odd marketing concepts before and this one is another one to add to that ever growing pile of WTF’s.

With the mainstream media constantly blaming gaming for every atrocity under the sun it takes a certain level of guts to actively make a trailer that not only doesn’t say anything positive about the game but also reinforces the fact that a game is overly violent and gory.

But that is exactly what EA has done with the latest Dead Space 2 trailer and just in case the message was a little soft they also created a website called

It’s actually a pretty funny video as I could see my mom sitting there saying pretty much all the same things while watching the game being played.

Take a look below.. just don’t let your mom find out.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: January 17, 2011

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