Dead Space 3 is a DLC minefield

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Ohh boy. Dead space 3’s got a ton of DLC it seems. We already know that the game features a few in-game microtransactions letting people pay for the privilege of boosting their weapon crafting – but now it looks like the game will have eleven bits of day-one DLC to make the game easier for the instan-gratification crowd.

According to the chaps at Eurogamer the day one DLC ties in to the game’s crafting system as well as  Isaac’s salvage bot; a machine that gathers up resources necessary for said crafting.

One such pack boosts your bot’s storage capacity, and it costs $4.99. The second pack improves its personality, and yes it also costs $4.99. There’s another that makes it go faster. At $4.99, obviously. So that’s an extra fifteen bucks just for a faster, bigger, more likeable tin can. this sounds wonderful.

"The scavenger bot’s purpose is to give you an extra edge,” says Dead Space director Steve Papoutsis. “since there’s a bit of gameplay (and risk/reward) to using him and finding the richest resource caches. You can also choose to download upgrades to the scavenger bot that double his capacity or speed up his trips to the bench."

I’m really becoming disillusioned by the way the gaming industry is heading. Instant gratification and paying to win? No thanks. I had a bit of time with the game’s weapon crafting system – and honestly? I think it detracts from the entire Dead Space experience.

It’s worth remembering that Dead Space 2 allowed players to purchase suits with extra slots, better weapons and upgrade nodes via DLC on day one too – so this kind of evolution of the cash-grab is to be expected.

Oh yes…watch this.

Last Updated: February 1, 2013

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