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Dead Space 3 rumours hint towards Isaac having an identity crisis

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Hot off the news that EA is (probably) working on a third core title in the Dead Space universe, comes this bit of interesting news. We already know that the sequel will be set on an icy planet, with lead character Isaac Clarke having to work with some new characters in order to survive, but according to the latest reports, Clarke is going to have a few personality issues when the proverbial poop hits the space-fan.

According to Siliconera, the reason why Clarke is even on the frigid planet of Tau Volantis is because of an arrest warrant that is out on him, making the planet an ideal hideaway spot. Ellie, our female lead from the Dead Space 2 is along for the ride, but so are a few more phantoms in Isaacs head.

After all that exposure an tinkering with the paranormal marker, Isaac has developed a split personality, that goes by the name of Shadow Isaac. This alternate identity really doesn’t like our original recipe hero, and will be taunting and mocking him as the game progresses.

If it is true, it will make for a more interesting scenario, as opposed to Isaac constantly hallucinating his dead girlfriend Nicole. Whether these rumours prove to be true or not, if Dead Space 3 is anything like the previous two games, then we’re in for some pants-wetting insane action and chills.

Last Updated: October 5, 2011

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