Dead Space Exclusive DLC Crosses The Line [Update]

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Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t really mind exclusive DLC for multi-platform titles, it makes perfect business sense.

What the developers of Dead Space are doing however, crosses the line in my opinion. They are actually going to be giving a considerable advantage to PS3 owners. When I read the news about the DLC and what it will offer, I quickly realised that not many people have actually figured out what the heck is actually going on here.

What the hell am I on about? Find out after the jump.

[We have received an update about the DLC but there is still a point to be made about this type of DLC. Thanks to Ninex for spotting the update] reports that: (check out the part that I put in bold)

“You’ll be getting an Obsidian Rig which will be available from the Playstation store once you log in the game. The main character will get a suit that has Playstation 3 themed colours (Black, red, blue and a little bit of yellow), increased toughness and more inventory slots.”

Wait, what?

PS3 owners are going to have a tougher suit and more inventory slots? While you may not think that this is such a big deal, I really think that this is pushing things a little.

It’s saying, “Here consumers, buy this game on our platform, you will be stronger and better if you play it on our system instead of the oppositions”. They have taken the fun factor out of their plan and just gone straight for the profit factor.

TalkPlaystation then go on to say that:

“You can get this item for free from October 24 till November 7. After that you will have to pay. How much is not known yet.”

This is an obvious attempt to get people to buy the game at launch, which I don’t really mind but the fact that it will become a purchasable item after a while makes me think back to the horse armour in Oblivion.

I love DLC, I think that it is a great step forward for gaming. However, it is supposed to add value to games, extra levels, more fun or an extended experience with a game that you love. Things like this just get me upset. It makes it clear that the people pushing this idea are just in it to score some extra money from an already expensive piece of software.

An exclusive suit or outfit sounds awesome, the fact that it is going to change the gaming experience for the two different console owners, does not.

[Update: EA confirmed today that both sides of the fence will be receiving a pimped out suit. Now, while I am happy that they have decided to balance the DLC out, my opinion on this type of DLC still stands. ]

source: TalkPlaystation

Last Updated: October 13, 2008

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