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Dead Space writer Antony Johnston teases a big PlayStation 5 game reveal for tomorrow night

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Provided that nothing globally catastrophic like World War 3 or Geoff asking me to cook him a meal (BEANS!) happens tomorrow, it looks like nothing can stop Sony’s big PlayStation 5 event from kicking off tomorrow night. It’s on at 10PM this side, the games show off in the 1080p stream will be uploaded in 4K glory on their YouTube channel and every hack with a keyboard is ready to make a few guesses as to what we’re going to see. Hey that’s me! Hi mom!

Here’s a sort of definite super-ultra confirmation of one of the games we’ll be getting a peak at on Thursday: Dead Space, Zombi U and Binary Domain’s English script writer Antony Johnston recently took to Twitter, to reveal that a game that he’d spent the last two years working on would be making its debut at Sony’s PS5 Future of Gaming Event:

As for what the game is actually about? Johnston would only offer a single clue:

That pretty much rules out a Kane & Lynch sequel, in which those characters have a 110% bad game. Along with the players who spent the majority of the last game heaving into a bucket thanks to all the disco effects. While I’d not love to see a Dead Space sequel because I’m a gigantic coward, I’d wager my Batman dolls that Johnston’s efforts are all geared towards a new game.

While we’re likely to see a few sequels announced, events such as this are usually showcases for new games to make their mark on the console scene. In an industry where new IPs with massive budgets are always a risky proposition, these games work best at capturing eyeballs when they build on the hype of a new console launch, fuelling that desire to play something wholly original. I’d play the heck out of Binary Domain 2 though. So underrated, so dang underrated

There’s going to be plenty of games shown off tomorrow night, and Johnston’s game is just one of them. Thursday night, is going to be a hell of a night I reckon.

Last Updated: June 10, 2020

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