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Death comes for everybody in Darksiders II

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THQ and Vigil’s sequel to the successful Darksiders is coming next month. It offer you a beautiful visual style – great combat and deep customisation options within an open world. Best of all, you get to play as the skull-faced Death. The first game drew more than its share of comparisons to Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda games – something the developers aren’t exactly thrilled about – bust mostly because the word “derivative” is generally bandied about.

“It’s frustrating, it is very frustrating,” Darksiders II’s lead designer Haydn Dalton said to Videogamer. “ If it was one rule for everyone we’d be completely fine. If everyone was like that, we’d be like, ‘Fine, everyone judge it like that’. But it’s not. It’s only certain titles. We apparently seem to be the target of this derivative comment at every single turn, but if someone can point me to another game that does the sort of things that we do in one game then I’d be like, ‘Right okay, that’s fine, you can compare us to that.’”

I actually rather liked the first Darksiders – and yes, it does borrow elements from Zelda, and God of War – but it created an atmosphere that was all it’s own. the sequel looks to expand upon everything that was good about the first game – adding a layer of polish that was missing as well.

Here’s the latest story-centric trailer for Darksiders II, which is due for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 21.

Last Updated: July 25, 2012

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