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Deathloop launches in May, according to PlayStation store listing

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When Deathloop was announced during last year’s E3, it looked cool. A drastic change from the aesthetic of Arkane Studio’s previous titles, Deathloop was bringing some grindhouse action to a time loop and just that sentence alone is enough to tickle anyone’s goolies. It continued to look good from all the other trailers its dropped over the last few months and despite its delay into next year, no-one seemed too sad about it. The back end of this year is packed enough as it is, so better to shift it to a quieter period. Like say, May of 2021, right?

There’s been no official release date for the game announced by Bethesda but if one were to casually stroll over to the PlayStation Store, you can find a date on the game’s pre-order page. The pre-order offer ends on 21/5/2021, and if you can no longer pre-order it then that must mean it’s releasing, right? That’s the logic behind the assumption anyway. It’s a pretty safe bet that it’s accurate so you can expect to see some more details and probably confirmation of the release date in the next few weeks, maybe even days.


While Deathloop is a PS5 console exclusive, it will likely also come to PC which is good news for folks who don’t feel like fighting back droves of consumers come Black Friday. Deathloop is Arkane Studio’s first game since 2017’s excellent Prey and seems to be continuing on with that style of gameplay just, you know, more timey-wimey.

Last Updated: November 12, 2020

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