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Desktop Dungeons Beta is here

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I hate you QCF Design. Honestly, why must you guys go and develop such an addictive little game, huh? The bloody alpha version cost me so many productive hours, that my imaginary family left me, and now you have to go and release this Beta version which is even more awesome. Its not fair!

If you dont know what I’m going on about, then you’ve missed the boat on one of the best things to come out of the country since Charlize Theron and The Marauder armoured car. QCF Design has been hard at work, refining, balancing and tweaking the addictive as crack formula, throwing in new features such as Kingdoms, which players can upgrade with their hard won loot.

Dungeons are also more challenging, with more levels and quick exits for those who want to leave with their tails between their legs. The visuals have had a giant leap in quality, with Desktop Dungeons going from the simple 8 bit graphics layout to a more stylised palette, that incorporates fine art with dynamic graphics to hammer in the sensation of slicing someone or throwing a fireball into their face.


But beyond all the add-ons and upgrades to the system, the most important thing is that the wonderful dry humour and sarcasm is still intact, giving the game a unique voice that makes it worthwhile when all your hard work is scuppered thanks to one of those damn high level goats.

Obviously, there’s still going to be a few bugs to work out of the system before the game is complete, and that’s what the Beta is for. So if you’re able to play some quick DD when you have a chance, let the lads and ladies at QCF Design know about any potential problems, so that the end product is even better.

Last Updated: August 2, 2011

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