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Destiny 2 – Adventures, Lost Sectors and new Public Events detailed

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If there’s one criticism that Destiny 2’s beta has created, it’s that the game hasn’t changed much, if at all, in the mechanics department. Shooting, looting and emoting still pretty much works the way you’d expect it to, creating a sensation that does feel familiar, albeit more polished.I’m fine with that. If there’s one aspect of Destiny that the sequel didn’t need to worry about, it was the gunplay.

That was already a magnificent part of the first game, a smooth and kinetic experience that managed to balance being both a power fantasy and a challenge at any given time. What Destiny 2 does need to change however, is the world in which players ply their trade as a bullet-slinger of note. Strikes and Raids may form the spine of the endgame content, but the worlds around you need to be more than just funnels for daily bounty grinds. That’s where new public events, Lost Sectors and Adventures come into play.

“We have a few events that we’ve taken and reimagined from before,” rituals and programming lead Rob Engeln said to IGN about the new public events system.

With public events, the team looked at things that we did in releases such as the Taken King with the Court of Oryx and Archon’s Forge and we thought a lot about how do we take that type of public gameplay that has some difficulty and a little bit of bite to it and it’s really kind of interesting to play? How do we take that and do that in Destiny 2?

Instead of finding one spot in the game that you’d go to over and over, we decided to diffuse that amongst the public events of all the destinations. And so you saw things like the heroic triggers, so every public event has an optional bonus objective and if you trigger it then you get an extra hard version of the event with way more enemies coming in and sometimes bosses that you have to kill and if you are able to complete that you get bonus rewards for it.

Beyond the new public events, Bungie also detailed Adventures, small slices of story based on your current location that flesh out the lore further, with World Quests expanding the scope of Adventures for a massive road-trip once you’ve clocked the main campaign. Lost Sectors add a new free-roaming activity for players, giving them a small quest where they need to locate a hidden area and top the bullet-sponge boss off that is waiting for you inside there.

Inject enough lead into the boss so that the bugger falls, and you’ll earn a chest with delicious loot inside. Better have that Super charged up ahead of time. Rounding out the PvE list, are the new Flashpoint missions. While it doesn’t feature an idiotic speedster mucking up the timeline, Flashpoint does offer a PvE alternative to Nightfall quests, adding weekly challenges to Guardian to-do-lists that task them with completing certain public events on specific planets.

Oh the places you’ll see and secret bosses you’ll swear at in Flashpoints. Cayde-6 will sweeten the Flashpoint deal by selling treasure maps for the location of the week, maximising the chance of you dropping into a public event. Just over a month to go now until Destiny 2. I’m starting to get a little bit excited over here.

Last Updated: July 25, 2017

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