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Destiny 2- How to activate a Heroic Trigger in Public Events

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Destiny 2 has a different way to handle Public Events. While they may seem somewhat similar on the surface, each one has what developer Bungie refers to as Heroic Triggers. These result in tougher, more challenging evolutions of Public Events that’ll test your mettle. So what’s the point of doing them? For the better loot of course. Hell, that’s the entire motive for Destiny 2 after all.

Every Public Event rewards players with some level of treasure for any level of participation. The best loot is reserved for the higher tiers of completion, that tops out at a gold rating. Heroic Objectives are the extra wrinkle in this mode, which rewards the best loot possible. Here’s how you can trigger them.



Destroy the Arsenal Walker (European Dead Zone, Titan)

The Fallen have popped up to show off their silly faces, and it’s up to you to send the four-armed cockroaches back to that fridge that they worship as their machine god lately. Only problem? The bastards have called in for a Walker Tank to defend them. Much like Destiny 1, these tanks take a stupid amount of damage before it falls. You can hammer away at a regular Walker and send it to the scrapheap, or you can go for an extra challenge.

Heroic Trigger: See those Arc Charges that the Walker drops when you get it to expose its core? Grab those, and use them to unlock all three force field generators. You’ll need two arc charges per generator, which also give you some heavy firepower with which to slay the mechanical beast to begin the heroic phase.

Heroic Phase: While it’s easier said than done, you’ll just need to destroy a more powerful version of the Walker.

Glimmer Extraction (European Dead Zone, Nessus)

The Fallen are after some of your sweet Glimmer and it’s up to you to put a halt to their mining operations. Simply kill the crew, placing an emphasis on specific targets that have been highlighted before the timer runs out. Do that three times and you’re set for a bigger brouhaha.

Heroic Trigger: At each extraction site you can find generators. Destroy them to trigger the Fallen into a frenzy.

Heroic Phase: You’ll need to now stand in a designated zone as you defend the Glimmer, which includes more enemies and a tough boss to put down.

Servitor Resupply (European Dead Zone, Nessus)

So you might have noticed that the Fallen are currently being buffed and protected by a GIGANTIC FREAKIN’ Servitor Prime. You’ll need to inject as much lead as possible into the beast, which packs plenty of firepower of its own.

Heroic Trigger: Three Transport Servitors rock up to shield the big boss, for roughly half a minute. Destroy them before they vanish.

Heroic Phase: Now you’ve done it.The Servitor Prime will go over 9000 in terms of power, as will the Fallen cohorts beneath it, teleporting all players around the map as you begin to lay waste to it.



Disrupt the Witches Ritual (Titan)

The Hive don’t have much of a presence in Destiny 2 (Thank Oryx), but the buggers still have a tricky public event of their own to deal with. Inside the rigs of Titan, players will need to kill two wizards. To disable a wizard shield, Guardians need to stand inside a Hex Circle and attack from afar. With both Wizards dead, a boss Wizard will appear and I’ve just realised that this paragraph makes for a great drinking game when you have a shot every time I mention a Wizard.

Heroic Trigger: With the two Wizards dead, run back to the Hex Circle and destroy the two crystals that are hovering around before the boss Wizard arrives.

Heroic Phase: Now you have to deal with an elite Knight, who is like totally mad at you for ruining his homeopathic business.


Disrupt Vex Construction (Nessus, Io)

Much like the Hive, the Vex also have a somewhat diminished presence when it comes to Public Events. They’re not to be taken lightly though, as you’ll soon find yourself fending off an army of them from gathering around a Conflux as a timer runs down.

Heroic Trigger: Capture all three Vex plates by standing inside of them until they are fully charged.

Heroic Phase: A boss Hydra will spawn in, and it is spoilin’ for a fight.



Cabal Excavation (European Dead Zone, Io)

The big bruisers have a drill that is strip-mining the area of resources, and you need to capture it by standing close to it. The only problem? Cabal reinforcements are constantly poping up to reclaim their drill. Also a Cabal ship is pouring missiles from on high, and these are easy one-hit killers. More Guardians makes for a quicker capture, so hold fast and defend your position.

Heroic Trigger: A Cabal Thresher ship will spawn once you’re halfway through the event. Bring it down Guardian.

Heroic Phase: The Cabal will send in an Excavation Valus boss, who needs to be eliminated before you capture the drill.

Cabal Injection Rig (European Dead Zone, Nessus)

You’ve got a trio of Psion targets to kill, who spawn in one at a time with a heavy entourage of Red Legion pals. Every time you take down a Psion, the injection rig will fill up and unleash hellfire in a purge phase so you’ll need to keep moving. With all three Psions dead, you’ll need to take care of a Valus boss who comes in, as he keeps his armoured ass behind a bulletproof orange dome. This fight gets up close and personal real quick.

Heroic Trigger: Every time a Psion is killed, approach the Injection Rig and pop a few rounds into the vents that pop open from top to bottom. There’s one vent at the bottom, while the middle and top tiers have three apiece. You’ll need to be quick on the trigger as you only have until the third purge phase to destroy them.

Heroic Phase: With all seven vents destroyed, you’ll need to destroy the Valus boss as normal.



Taken Blight (European Dead Zone, Io)

Oryx may be dead, but his influence still lingers like a great song from the Cranberries. In the Taken Public Event, an orb of darkness needs to be removed and you’ve got the right bullets for the job. To get rid of the Blight and the Taken, fire away from beneath the orb when you’re infused with its aura or shoot the shoot the globe on the pylon. Three waves trigger in, and then you’re done.

Heroic Trigger: Destroy every pylon. In the first wave you’ll find one, two in the second wave and three in the third that needs to be taken care of within 20 seconds.

Heroic Phase: A big bad Taken Boss spawns in, so show him what for. There’s a good chap.

Last Updated: September 7, 2017


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