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Destiny 2 players are using a Guardian Games exploit to farm infinite Legendary Shards

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Destiny 2 players are no strangers to the many currencies present within that game. Planetary materials and Glimmer is easy enough to come by, but it’s Legendary Shards that rule the financial roost of that sandbox. While not as obscenely rare as something like an Ascendant Shard, Legendary Shards are still a resource that can be used up within minutes if you’re not too careful.

Considering that they’re needed for everything from gear infusions to fine-tuning your weapons with Upgrade Modules, having a steady supply of shards is well recommended. Now that the Guardian Games have begun, Destiny 2 players have figured out a way to abuse that event to score an infinite supply of the currency. Here’s how it works according to YouTuber Cheese Forever:


  • Collect a Guardian Games class item from Zavala in the Tower
  • This will unlock it in your collection manager
  • Stock up on class items, up to the maximum of 10
  • Dismantle them and receive 4 Legendary Shards and 3 weapon parts
  • Each class item only costs 3 Weapon Parts and 250 Glimmer, so as long as you have a steady stock of Glimmer you’re good to go!
  • Keep on making new class items from your collection manager and dismantling them

The exploit was still working at the time of writing this post, although it won’t be long before Bungie hotfixes the chase for purple loot money. Glimmer itself is easy to come by, with the quickest route being a trip down to Spider in the Tangled Shore and trading materials for cash. It’s a bit of a boring exploit all things considered, but that’s how making money in real life works as well.

Pity that reality won’t allow you to buy dubstep-powered assault rifles or classy god-killing death-dealers with your real money. Not yet anyway.

Last Updated: April 21, 2021

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