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Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt Raid was beaten in six hours, unlocked sweet Exotics for everyone

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They came. They saw. They wiped out a lot. But in the end, one team managed to conquer Destiny 2’s new endgame activity for the Beyond Light expansion in blisteringly quick time. Raids have always been Destiny 2’s greatest challenge, lengthy adventures wherein a fireteam of six Guardians descend into peril and have to use tight teamwork to survive the danger ahead of them. More than just a shooting gallery, every part of a raid is also home to devious puzzles and the Deep Stone Crypt was no exception.

With a world’s first bragging rights at stake and plenty of actual loot from developer Bungie also on the line, Clan Luminous claimed the honour of the first completion after their victory had been verified. There was some fear leading into the Raid that a group of Warlock’s wielding the new Stasis subclass, a certain Exotic, and spamming the Super special ability could kill any Raid boss within seconds, but at the eleventh hour Bungie applied a new patch that pretty much nuked Shadebinder efficacy from orbit.

Luminous achieved the world’s first completion of the Deep Stone Crypt in around six hours, kicking off a new chain of events for the Europa region similar to how the Forsaken expansion also changed two years ago after the first defeat of Riven. Even better, that accomplishment unlocked plenty of content for the rest of the Destiny 2 community:

  • A new quest from the Exo Stranger
  • A new quest from Variks, yeeesssssssss “click click noises*
  • More Sabotage missions unlocked by Varicks
  • Lament sword Exotic quest
  • Eclipsed zones on Europa began to appear

I’m busy trying out some of the new content myself now that I’ve got more time to dedicate to the Season of the Hunt, and I’ve already unlocked a delightful sidearm that has replaced Lonesome, the superb High Albredo from the Exo Stranger. The big addition though, are the Eclipsed Zones and new Exotics: The Cloudstrike sniper rifle (random drop from an Empire Hunt once other parameters are met) and Lament (has its own questline), which also allows you to learn more about Destiny 2’s favourite gunsmith Banshee-44.

All of this has made an expansion that was beginning to feel very ho-hum actually better, and while we’re not on the same level as The Taken King or Forsaken just yet, Beyond Light is slowly shaping up to be a solid grind that I’m happy to have bought the Season Pass for. Although I am loving the Clovis Vray architecture, which feels like it was designed by a version of Stanley Kubrick that was given unlimited money and no oversight to film a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Last Updated: November 23, 2020

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