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Destiny 2’s maximum light level will cap at 300

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I think now is as good a time as any to let you in on a little secret: Destiny has a weird-ass system of gauging your power. While the traditional grind of kills for skills is still present in a traditional sense that has you earning experience for successful missions and kills, that’s a system which quickly reaches an apex and then evolves into a focus on your gear.

Your gear is what defines you in Destiny, as the hunt for Exotic and Legendary-status weapons increase the ever-important numbers associated with your character. In Destiny the first, Guardians could achieve a Light Level of 400 by the time that they’d accomplished everything possible in the Rise of Iron expansion.

In Destiny 2, that number won’t be achievable. Not yet anyway.

Reddit user Namasuki got his hands on the GameStop guide for Destiny 2 and has been posting details of what to expect from tomorrow’s launch. Via MP1st, the guide has a section devoted to “Gaining Levels and Power”. If you’re planning on an end-game grind, then Destiny 2 will cap players at a Light level maximum of 300 once their Guardian dings level 20.

Here’s some text from the guide that…shines more light on it. Giggle:

In essence, your Power Level represents the average Attack and Defense values of your equipped gear items. The higher those values, the higher your Power Level. In practice, your Power Level is much more than gear summary. It determines how much damage you’ll deal and suffer when squaring off against high-level enemies. 

To get the magic 300 number, players will need to embark on “The Climb to Power Level 300”:

Weekly Milestones are the best (and currently only) answer for the Power Level 260 plateau. If you want to keep gaining Power, you’ll need to open the Director and get busy clearing those weekly Milestones. See that Flashpoint? Go rustle up some Public Events. Call to Arms? Go start some trouble in the Crucible. If you’ve yet to finish any of the available milestones, pick one from the list, and get to work. Then, check in the following week, and do it all over again.

Level 20 will most likely be clocked in within a few days, but Light Level 300? I’m wagering that it will take even the most dedicated Guardian a while to achieve. Like…two weeks yo. That’s an eternity in video gaming. Destiny 2 is out tomorrow on Xbox One and PS4. If you’d like a chance to earn a Limited Edition PS4 copy, then we’ve got your back.

Last Updated: September 5, 2017

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