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Destiny 2’s official cookbook launches next month. Sure, why not?

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The recipes included in the book are inspired by the game’s characters, locations and lore. Whatever that means.


I actually really like cooking. Unlike the most notorious poor eaters of the Critical Hit staff, I’m at least able to comprehend the flavour of things that aren’t KFC Dunked Wings. Yet while Darryn’s love for vile fried chicken has waned almost as much as his attention to Destiny 2, one has to question whether uniting the two may have devastatingly powerful effects. Destiny: The Offical Cookbook could be the entity which causes such destruction and while the idea is indeed cool, it’s really just a traditional cookbook with some fancy gimmicks sprinkled over the top.


The book is described as being, “inspired by the Guardians and locations seen throughout the game’s expansive universe”. The cookbook collects a wide range of recipes, shared by the game’s eccentric cast of characters. The Drifter is in there talking about…chocolate motes and Banh Mi Burger. Sure, he seems like the kind of dude that could go for a burger and chips. Ikora has also shared her recipe for Gambas Al Ajillo which I…think is some kind of seafood dish? I don’t know, I’ve never watched Master Chef. Just take a look at some of those gorgeous pages, thankfully released by Eurogamer ahead of the book’s launch.


Destiny: The Official Cookbook is due out on 4 August to tempt all those Guardians with the delights of a bountiful meal and a sultry dessert. It also gives players time to become acquainted with the flavours of the Destiny universe before the Beyond Light expansion drops on 10 November.

Last Updated: July 22, 2020

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