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Destiny Beta keys give access for friends

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The Destiny Beta page is up and running, and you can go redeem your code today. When you do so, there is a wonderful surprise from Bungie – you won’t be going to the Moon or a broken Earth alone, you can bring your best friends.

Platform selection for the Beta is now available, this means that you can go redeem your code and tell Bungie where you’ll be playing. PlayStation systems will also need to select a region, either America or EU and according to the FAQs, everyone who isn’t in America or the EU should just select the EU. Yes, even Australians. Destiny Beta codes will get emailed to PlayStation players on 17 July and to Xbox players on 23 July.

The fantastic bonus from Bungie is that when you redeem your code and select your region, you actually get three download codes – one for you and two for your friends. This means that you can join the Beta with a full fireteam. Excellent news – the more people who we like that we can play with, the better.

Of course, it’s never entirely easy. If you’re in Europe, or countries like South Africa and Australia who have a European Destiny, you will have to wait until 17 July to grab your PS4 code. I just hope that download pours into my console quickly – I will be seriously mopey if Geoff and Darryn are running around having fun without me thanks to my stupidly slow internet. Here’s hoping the Beta download isn’t anywhere near as big as the full game.

Did you guys pre-order? I hope you have a hierarchy of friendship – who will you give your two extra codes to, and will it cause gamer war among your friends?

Last Updated: July 11, 2014

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