Destiny earned $47.5 million in its first month of release

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Destiny is a golden child again. Remember when it launched and people moaned about the hype and how it wasn’t as great a game as we were promised? Well, it has become that game that everyone wanted it to be, and now the Taken King expansion is promising to breathe new life into the already re-popularized experience. But the guy who made it sound so great is still fighting for his share, and the fight is revealing some interesting stuff.

In case you forgot, the composer for Destiny who also worked on Halo back in the day, Marty O’Donnell was fired by Bungie. He subsequently sued, and the court documents have already shown some interesting aspects, like the fact that the whole story changed so close to launch. Now we find out just how much cash Bungie raked in from Destiny at the start.

According to the court documents, Destiny moved 6.3 million copies within its first month of release, earning over $47.5 million in revenue. On this day last year, Activision said that they had sold-in $500 million worth of stock. So, even with the ridiculously high development and marketing costs of Destiny, it seems that they were able to make a whole bunch of millions in that first month. I am just amazed by how much they continue to make each month as well.

Say what you want, but Destiny was and is still big business. It is a highly successful franchise for Activision and will continue to rake in tons of money while offering gamers hours of pew pew grinding exploration and leveling. Were you part of the original profit, or did you hold out until a month after launch? I’m curious to see how many people are taken in again by The Taken King.

Last Updated: September 10, 2015

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