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SIVA (3)

You see it everywhere in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Organic red strands of a biotechnological marvel that threatens to overrun the Cosmodrome and the rest of Earth, an organism let loose by the Fallen and known only as SIVA. But what exactly is SIVA? Well, beyond a plot device that is. According to the lore of Destiny, Bungie and some digging from Destinypedia, SIVA is an exotic nano-technology that was discovered by the Iron Lords during the early days of the City, long before the fall of the Golden Age that the arrival of the Darkness heralded in.

Attempting to use it carve a new future for mankind, SIVA almost wiped our species out and it was only stopped when the Iron Lords sealed it beneath the Cosmodrome. At least, for a while. And then the House of Devils managed to muck about with the stuff, as the last Iron Lord Saladin revealed:

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We thought we were indestructible, the Lords of Iron. We swore we would do anything to protect the Last City. Some of us paid the ultimate price. I am all that remains. We thought we had sealed away the plague for eternity, but now it has returned, and this time with a Fallen army. It is time to avenge my fallen brothers and sisters. Stand with me, Guardian. Prove yourself worthy, and the Iron Lords will rise again!

Rise of Iron takes place a year after the Guardians sent Oryx screaming back to his Ascendant Realm and then finished the job for good by slaying the Hive god and leaving his carcass to rot near Saturn. The Fallen House of Devil are responsible for awakening SIVA aka the Irons bane that consumed the previous Iron lords, using it to mutate their ranks in order to become machine gods.

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We know the Devils have been digging into the cosmodrome for years looking for something,” senior writer Christine Thompson said in a Bungie vidoc.

Well what they found is SIVA. It is a nanotechnology that can be used to shape things, but they’re trying to use it to build. They trying to use it to destroy.

SIVA (5)

That’s where you come in, according to my finger that points. Saladin on his own is unable to stop the spread of SIVA, recruiting you and several of your fellow Guardians to form a new generation of Iron Lords. Provided that you can survive the onslaught of Splicers and the rest of the House of Devils next month.

Last Updated: August 17, 2016

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