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Destiny: The Taken King – Court of Oryx Rune guide

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Court of Oryx

You’ve raided the Vault of Glass. You’ve taught Skolas what for and all that. So what do you do next in Destiny, once the The Taken King has been defeated and you find yourself with an itchy trigger-finger and a shiny new sidearm to test out? You go to court.

No, not that court. I’m talking about the Court of Oryx. The hot new activity in the Dreadnaught has players looking for a rune with a view, summoning all manner of horrors that Oryx has left behind.

To find the court, you’ll need to hit the patrols and head towards the Hall of Souls. The court is also in a public space, so any Guardian currently roaming about can also join you in this challenge.

Remember, you’ve only got a limited amount of time to defeat the bosses summoned, and if the Guardian who activated the summons is dead or runs away from the court for more than 20 seconds, the event will be cancelled.

Once an event is successfully completed however, the summoning Guardian will receive the Summoner’s Exhaustion debuff, which will lock said Guardian out of using another Rune for 45 seconds. So how do you get those Runes then?

Reciprocal Runes

Your standard Rune, earned from quests and chests in The Taken King. These Runes can be used to summon boss which can be handled at low-light levels, easy enough. They’ll reward your Guardian with reputation and blue engrams.

Stolen Rune

Now we’re talking. These Runes can be found in chests, or as a reward for surviving a Reciprocal Rune summon. You’ve got to charge them up before they can be used however, which require you to successfully complete three of the aforementioned Reciprocal Rune summons.

The trick here however, is that you can charge multiple Stolen Runes up at the same time. When used, Stolen Runes summon two light-level 240 bosses, that’ll reward players with blue engrams and an Antiquated Rune if you’re lucky.

Antiquated Rune

The big time Rune. Antiquated Runes can be found as a Nightfall reward, an Eris Morn reputation reward or from Stolen Rune summons. Just like the Stolen Runes, you need to charge them up by successfully completing three Stolen Rune summons.

Antiquated Runes summon the mother of all battles. You’ll have to face a light-level 300 boss, and pray to the Traveller that your survive.

So there you go. Prepare for the Court of Oryx to be your new gateway drug once you get fed-up with the Prison of Elders.

Last Updated: September 17, 2015

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