Destiny: The Taken King’s new weapons are ‘unique’ death-dealers

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Say what you like about Destiny, but the one part of the game that Bungie definitely nailed, was the gunplay. Destiny is filled with legendary arms, from Exotic rifles from the Awoken queen to the legendary Gjallarhorn rocket launcher that so many of us lust for.

Destiny’s Taken King expansion will of course introduce some new firearms spread across the various weapon manufacturers.

And like everything else in life, it’s the branding that really matters. “There’s lot’s of new weapons in the game, tons of new gear and one of the things that we’re really excited about, are the branded weapons,” Taken King executive producer Mark Noseworthy said.

You might have seen a Suros rocket launcher. The Suros Regime is one of the Exotics from Destiny, and when you think about the Destiny universe, the Guardians are going out to these worlds and reclaiming them again and finding these golden age relics.


They’re bringing them back to the tower and then the machinists at the tower are deconstructing them, breaking these things down and reverse-engineering them.


Figuring out “how can we make more Suros weapons?” and that’s why we’re starting to see Suros rocket launchers and Suros scout rifles. This family of weapons, these brands, they’re going to have similar characteristics so that when you get a Suros weapon, you kind of know what you’re getting yourself into.


They sound a certain way, they feel a certain way. They have certain perks associated with them. And so in the E3 build today, we have three weapon manufacturers present, we have Suros from the Suros regime family, we have Hakke and Omolon.


And all three of those families, they have characteristics that are unique and unto themselves. We think you’re going to be really excited about chasing and trying to find and collect all of these branded weapons.


A Suros Regime auto-rifle is a particular piece of death-delivery that I’m techno-lusting after right now. It’s got some kickass impact and the ability to deal more damage with it when aiming down the sights. The upgrade tree is rather swell as well, as players can swap recoil out for range essentially.

It’s also the kind of rifle that I’m aching for so that I can finally replace my current primary weapon, as hitting the Prison of Elders always nets me a bloody pulse rifle from the Queen’s armoury. I NEED A CHANGE!

Last Updated: June 29, 2015

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