Destiny will eventually have custom PvP matches and beards

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If you tooled around in the Destiny beta, then there’s no denying that this game is built on the DNA of Halo, with that sensation extending to the Crucilbe and various multiplayer modes. And that’s a  good thing. Halo was home to some of the best multiplayer on the planet, with custom matches paving the way for a massively creative Forge to build all kinds of games. While Destiny won’t have that level of PvP at launch, expect to see something done in the near future.

“It’s really about how we wanted to make sure for launch that we had the best gameplay that we could offer for the core competitive multiplayer activity,” Bungie’s Jonty Barnes said to The Sixth Axis, saying that the team had not ruled out bringing custom content to online play in the near future.

I think what you’ll find is that over time we’re going to see some things arrive, and I think players are going to inform our prioritisation of what features we update. We did a bunch of this with Hoppers [temporary playlists], I guess, in previous Halo games, but we’re on a much greater scale of potential change, if we choose to do it.

Which ties into the current strategy of Destiny. While the game will have a season pass and various DLC expansions lined up, it will also have constant updates in order to create an active game that adds such content on the fly. Which will hopefully include bears, because apparently that’s a fan request of the highest order right now. “For some people it was very important for them as human beings to be able to have a beard, because that’s part of their personality, I guess, in real life,” Barnes said.

So that has started a very heated internal dialogue at Bungie about we do beards, what is the prioritisation of that and how we can accomplish that. So that’s been a funny one!

Destiny drops next month on all the consoles. Well, except for Wii U. Is your beard ready?

Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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