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Destiny’s 2 Festival of the Lost returns on October 6 with five times the loot

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Green Day’s huddled in a castle that was built with Dookie money, cursing the day they ever asked the world to wake them up at the start of October, while the masses outside demand they get out of bed. It’s the weirdest month of the year, but more importantly, it’s also the spookiest! For the last couple of years, numerous games have been hosting Halloween events, amping up the chills and increasing the Jack-O-Lantern quota by a factor of 11.

Destiny is no stranger to this, and like clockwork, it’ll be kicking off its annual Festival of the Lost even next week, October 6. This year’s edition will bring back the Haunted forest, but with a more rewarding twist: Five times the loot yo! “To open the chests, you are going to need some Cipher Decoders. Talk to Spider to get started and then they will drop from playing any of your favorite activities across the solar system – similar to Umbral Engrams,” Bungie explained in a blog post.

Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story will both be rewarded from these chests and each have new perk combinations to hunt for. You’ve probably been hearing this a lot lately, but it goes double for Festival of the Lost: don’t forget to put on your mask. There are new masks available this year as well as some favorites from the past.

Eva has a Masquerader Helmet which you can apply your masks to as ornaments before you head out in the world to start stockpiling candy. The mask mods for the Haunted Forest also return from last year’s event. 

The Haunted Forest will be around until November 3, but there’s one other activity that you might want to invest some time in as double Nightfall rewards are returning for a single week. This ultra-rewarding version of the challenging Nightfall strike will take place on the Garden World map, and it’ll net you some rare gear when you participate.

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You’ll probably need to focus on upgrading, now that Destiny 2 is almost near the finishing point of the Season of Arrivals. Once that season is over, it’s time to head into the latest expansion, Beyond Light. As a reminder, Destiny 2 and all of its expansions are free to own if you happen to have an Xbox Game Pass account, Beyond Light included from day one.

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I actually took a sabbatical from Destiny for a full year, once I’d clocked the Forsaken expansion in 2018. It was well worth it, as I’m back on my crap and spending a session grinding out bounties and having a straight-up good time yo. I’m also at that point of the game where in my quest to reclaim my power, I’m wearing a medley of mismatched gear because of stats baby, stats.

Last Updated: October 2, 2020

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