Destiny’s Cryptarch will become a little more generous

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Just before the weekend, Bungie revealed a bit of news that’ll have the many of you still playing Destiny rather excited; they’re going to be a little more generous when it comes to handing out better gear. It’s just one of the many promised tweaks and tunes that’ll be coming for the game in the coming weeks leading up to the release of the game’s first major DLC, the ominously named “The Dark Below”.

Destiny community manager David “Deej” Dague said in the latest weekly update that Bungie has “several bundles of joy in our hold”, which will “land in the weeks to come”.  Dague promises that new content will give everyone something to do.

  • Channels for talking to matchmade teammates, if you so wish
  • Exotic weapons that are stronger and more interesting to upgrade
  • New gear to let you slip into something a little more Legendary
  • That which waits in The Dark Below

Dague also mentioned a few impending arrivals – some of which haven’t been revealed yet.

  • New shaders for your gear
  • Ways to preview items before you spend your Glimmer
  • Greater chances of “showers” in public spaces
  • Adjustments to some arenas that needed better traffic flow
  • New economies to equip you with upgrade materials
  • Fixes, patches, and other invisible technical evolutions
  • Some other tricks up our sleeve
  • Maybe even a more generous Cryptarch (he’ll still be sort of a bastard)

Funnily enough, Destiny’s multiplayer’s probably been given an unintended shot in the arm thanks to Call of Duty. With that game’s servers not functioning, and the terrible lag compensation making its multiplayer effectively unplayable, many who’d have moved on to Sledgehammer’s game are instead sticking around, farming for exotics in Destiny.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

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