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Destiny’s mightiest weapon has the edge…in Lego

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Destiny Lego (1)

Rocket launchers? Autorfiles? Shotguns? Old hat, in the world of Destiny. See, I’m all about swords in that game. Specifically, the sword that you earn once you’ve given Oryx a one-way ticket back to his home dimension. While I’m wielding a solar-powered sword like the filthy hippie that I am in Destiny, other Guardians have elected to slay their way through the Fallen using a blade that crackles with Arc energy.

It’s the kind of in-game weapon that I’d love to have propped up on my shelf, for the world to see. Unfortunately (Or fortunately, judging by previous incidents involving my butter fingers and sharp objects), there is no official heavy sword available in the real world with a Destiny logo on it.

But this Lego version is pretty close to perfect.

Redditer NickBrick managed to build an Arc Edge out of Lego. Just look at it!

Destiny Lego (2)

Destiny Lego (3)

Destiny Lego (4)

Destiny Lego (5)

Destiny Lego (6)

“The pieces to create the crystal also are in translucent orange, so a Sol Edge is possible to build,” NickBrock wrote on the Imgur gallery for the blade.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many different translucent purple parts, so Void Edge is not possible with the same techniques. This Lego model is fairly sturdy for posing, not so much for slashing and jabbing (though you can slash and jab very lightly).

I quite like it. The Lego design actually gives Arc Edge a very subtle pattern that runs through the blade and hilt, adding to the sword. And I’m pretty certain that it can deal an easy 280 damage with one slash…once. Check out NickBrick’s Flickr. He has some rather ace Lego creations from other games.

Last Updated: October 22, 2015

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