Destiny’s unconventional level cap

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Destiny’s beta restricted players to a rather low level of 8, meaning that you probably maxed out your character just a few hours into playing. That got a lot of people talking, considering the level cap was thought to be only 20. How was Bungie going to keep progression going with such a low cap? Well, because things change completely at that level.
For starters, you don’t stop leveling up. A new video posted by IGN clearly shows a Level 29 Titan, which confirms that Destiny’s Level 20 cap is nothing more than a soft cap. By that, I mean that conventional experience gain doesn’t become a factor anymore. The way you progress in Destiny changes at this point, and it’s probably what’s going to keep you playing for months on end.

Once you hit level 20, XP is out and Motes of Light are in. You might have seen those in the beta and not known what they hell they were meant for. Equipping the right gear will reward you with Motes of Light after taking down some Fallen. These Motes are your new form of experience, and help yo push your level beyond 20. In a way, it’s almost like how the Paragon Levels work in Diablo. There’s a level cap, but it’s not a dead end for your character by any stretch.

So at Level 20 everything becomes more about the gear you’re using than XP grinding, which is how a lot of other MMO’s work in fact. It’s probably just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Destiny’s endgame content, proving that Bungie definitely have a lot of content still hidden up their sleeves. You can check out for higher level Titan gameplay below, including how to turn your Titan into Superman.

Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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