Destructoid scores a triumph over the corporates

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The Activision press control and marketing plan has only just started for the next Call of Duty entitled Advanced Warfare but has already been derailed by

For the 1 of you who doesn’t know, Destructoid is a large American based gaming news site that was started by a fan of gaming to get into E3.

It is still independent and while they have the following they don’t appear to simply do as the PR flunkies would like them to do so they don’t get to reveal exclusive content like the media corporations such as IGN, Gamespot and Gameinformer do.

But they’ve pulled of a coup here by somehow getting their hands on the official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer that IGN or the like was going to reveal on Sunday the 4th of May forcing Activision to release the official trailer early.

I can well imagine that Activision and whichever corporate site was going to reveal the trailer are very angry right now but what Destructoid have done is protect the gamers from marketing fluff.

The idea that certain outlets get exclusive reveals has always irked me as you have to wonder what has been traded for that exclusive? If IGN reveal the new COD should we expect them to review it nicer than anyone else as they are now invested in its success?

Some people would be tempted to take this to the court and try claim that Destructoid as a blog doesn’t have the protection that traditional media gets. But as blogs and online media continue to overtake print and broadcast media that style of thinking is not only outdated but also foolish.

A strong gaming media is vital to the success of the video game industry and is required to ensure that gamers interests are placed front and centre in the minds of developers and publishers alike.

So while Destructoid are seen as a competing site to us I would definitely like to take a moment to raise a glass to the men and women behind the scenes who had the guts to do this and not be afraid of the backlash that Activision could unleash.

As for Activision, you guys were scooped, don’t over react now –  and rather try be nice to Destructoid. They were just doing their job.

Last Updated: May 2, 2014

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