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Deus Ex to steal 3Gb HDD space from PS3 owners

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My hatred for game installs on consoles is well documented, when the trend started a couple of years back I tried to raise an angry mob to march down to Sony’s offices and burn it down.

(un)Fortunately no one was willing to be thrown into jail for years simply to raise a point so no burning was done and now we live in a world where every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they can steal HDD space for mandatory installs on the PS3.

When Microsoft announced they would be releasing a Xbox 360 without a HDD (at launch) I thought they had made a terrible mistake and couldn’t understand why they had backtracked on all consoles having storage space, I still think that was a bad idea but I am thankful of it now as now you can’t have games requiring a mandatory installation of 3Gb on the Xbox 360 just like Deus Ex will require on the PS3.

Recently released pack shots of the PS3 version of Deus Ex has that awful logo on the back and confirms that if you want to play the Sony version of this game you are going to have to fork out 3Gb’s of HDD space over and above the cost of the game.

It also confirms that Deus Ex maxes out at 720p


Deus Ex releases next Friday locally but we’ll have our review up before then so don’t go too far and keep your eye’s peeled.

Source: PlaystationLifestyle

Last Updated: August 18, 2011

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