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Developer slams pirates then gives them free games

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According to the developers behind Dead Trigger the piracy rates on Android devices are unbelievably high and that even pricing their game at $0.99 didn’t make any impact on the huge amount of piracy they have encountered.

But to their credit they haven’t just thrown in the towel on Android and in fact have decided to rather just give their game away for free and hope that they make enough money on in-game purchases to justify the development costs.

It’s going to be a watershed moment for them and Android because if the in-game purchases don’t cover the costs this will obviously be the last time they work with Android as the piracy rate on their iOS version of the game isn’t anywhere near as high.

He isn’t the first developer to voice his worry about piracy on Android as Mile Jacobson previously stated something I found to be entirely accurate

It’s really disappointing that there are so many people out there who love our work, and spend countless hours being entertained by it, but don’t think we deserve to get paid for that entertainment. There are no excuses for any form of piracy – if you don’t want to pay the price set for a game, don’t pay it, and don’t play it! Gaming is an entertainment form, it’s not a human right.

It’s as simple as that for me, if you think the game is overpriced then simply don’t buy it. You don’t have some unalienable right to be entertained at the expense of the developers. Get off your entitled ass and get a job to pay for the game. If you have a job and just don’t want to then great don’t play it. There isn’t a single viable excuse for piracy.

Last Updated: July 24, 2012

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